Off days

We’re all entitled to having off days, but it doesn’t make them any easier to work around. I woke up today without much ambition, despite the fact that we have chickens that need to be slaughtered. To add insult to injury, after we decided not to worry about slaughter, I went downstairs to discover that the toilet is not filling. There’s simply no water in the supply line. To make things weirder, the sink that’s on the same line works fine. We’ve been working thorugh issues with sediment in our well water, and it seems like this is probably related. But we really have no idea.

Yesterday was a funny day too where matters beyond my control led to me not being very responsive at work. That carries it’s own stress as deadlines loom and people expect a certain result and you have to explain why the result is not there yet. Effectively, today is a day where the rug feels slightly frayed around the edges. Life is hardly falling apart, but things are just starting to slip a little bit.

We’re all entitled to days like these, but it doesn’t make it any easier to weather, especially when working on remainig stoic about life, it can feel like a setback. That said, the feeling of discouragment is really pride. Pride that you thought you had things under control, when in reality you were never in control of the things around you, but simply your respones to the things around you. Centering in these moments involves acknowledging that all you can do is control your response and actions, and doing your best to return to those

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