The Righteous Mind

Table of Contents

Intuition or Groupthink

No man is an island. Bon Jovi, sure, but also simply true. Perhaps even more true that Jon imagined. Or maybe he imagined the whole thing. How would I know.

The point here, is that many of the current epidemics in our culture, be they chemical, ideological or philisophical, can be traced back to a violation of the above Bon Jovi Principle. That is, we humans were not built to exist in a vacuum. Far from it, we are some of the most socially complex creatures Earth has managed to harbor yet, and we walk around with a belief that we’re doing this all on our own.

In The Righteous Mind, Jonathan Haidt explores just how important intuition and groupthink are to the every day functioning of humans. The Enlightenment poised the well of dependence, giving rise the the thought that with enough inidvidual effort, any one human can do anything. The reality, however, seems to be that with enough group effort, humans can do anything. Individual effort is a figment of our imagination.

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