It should come as no surprise that a fair amount of getting through life mostly happy involves perspective. I remember watching Dead Poets Society in high school and being struck by how simple the scene where they jump on their desks presents the idea of keeping your perspective fresh. This was reinforced when I started taking photos for newspapers after college and, thanks to digital cameras, I was able to get some crazy perspectives on things. Get high, get low, but just don’t hold the camera at eye height and click. That’s a recipe for a boring image.

Why then, should the same not be true in life? We’ve had some curve balls thrown our way with regards to our fourth baby. She was expected mid to late September, but circumstances largely out of our control are urging us to induce labor and have her arrive this week. As huge proponents of natural and home childbirth, this required a perspective change. Rather than the birth we wanted, we are being given a birth that is as safe as it can be, and that requires us to stand on our metaphorical desks to view properly.