Common Ground

Another fair has come and gone. There was once a time where we lazily strolled through Common Ground, treating it like so many other country fairs. Once we discovered the lectures on homestaeding and slow living, we started running manic circles through Unity looking for the next best talk.

When kids came along, we continued to try to run laps through, trading responsibility for the little ones while we collected ideas to bring home. But it became clear that only insanity and discontent lived at the end of that road, and so we dedicated our time to kid activities, making sure not to stay too late.

As the world around us moves in phase, unsurprisingly, the phases of our life move in cycles. Spring yields to Summer, which gives way to Fall and eventually Winter until Spring comes again. Our fair experience has gone in a bigger cycle, one dominated by multi-year blocks, rather than the seasons. But there is as seasonality to kids, just as there are to farms. And appreciating the cycles leads me, at least, to a deep satisfaction.

That satisfaction trancends any given day or ambition.