Sitting in a coffee shop surrounded by people tapping away on Macbooks I can help but remember my freshman year in college. One of my floor RLAs was a total Mac cultist who owned multiple aging machines, included a G3 that he desperately wanted to get Apache running on. OS 9 was less hospitable to POSIX toolchains then. He did get it to work eventually, and I was impressed, but I sure as hell wasn’t going to buy a Mac myself.

It’s hard in hindsight to realize how bad things were in that world. OS 9 was the sort of OS only a mother could love. So many quirks that made using it an exercise in self-punishement.

But Jobs rose the Phoneix from the ashes. And now here I sit having to eat my words about Apple being dead. It’s amazing how much one person can have an impact on the world. Thinking on a flight recently, it occurred to me that if half of the billionaires in the world had the vision of Gates or Musk, where might the world be?